Each minute, the system generates a number of alerts and notifies any configured notification groups. You can view alerts in the web portal by clicking the Alerts link in the main navigation.

Alerts can be dismissed by acknowledging them, which records the fact that a member of staff has seen it.

It's important to consider that alerts that depend on data being communicated from the carer's app will still be generated if the carer has checked in, but it hasn't been sent to the server yet because of a network issue.

Alerts can also be resolved automatically if a certain condition is met (e.g. mobile signal issues). See the resolution section for each alert type for more information.

Setting up notifications for alerts

To be notified when an alert is generated, set up a Notification Group.


Types of Alert

Late Arrival

Late arrival alerts will be generated if a carer hasn't turned up to a booking within the configured Punctuality Threshold

Late booking alerts will be resolved as soon as the carer checks in, but will still be available for acknowledgement.


Missed Bookings

Missed booking alerts are generated after the planned finish time of the booking, taking into account the Punctuality Threshold.

Missed booking alerts will be resolved as soon as the carer checks in, but will still be available for acknowledgement.


Missed Tasks

If a task isn't completed before it's time-window is finished, a missed task alert will be generated.

Missed task alerts will be automatically resolved if a completion is synced.


Alertable Tasks

When a task completion status is marked as "alertable", an alert will be generated any time that completion status is chosen.

The alert will be marked as resolved if the completion is changed to a non-alertable status.


Note Reviews

When a booking note is analysed and flagged for review, an alert will be generated.

Once the note has been reviewed, the alert will be automatically resolved.


Alert Settings

Notification Rules allow you to tweak when notifications are delivered to you. Rules are currently configurable for Late & Missed Bookings.

For each rule you must specify a maximum booking duration, and an action to take. For example:

  1. For bookings shorter than 15 minutes, don't send a notification
  2. For bookings shorter than 60 minutes, notify me after 15 minutes.

By delaying notifications, it gives the alert a chance to resolve itself (by a carer arriving, or the app syncing).