Before you can prepare your data for importing into Tempaid, you will first need to configure a few settings.

Settings can be found by navigating to Integrations → Tempaid → Settings


Timerate Required The value that will be used for the REC-TIMERATE column in the export.   
Client Identifier Optional Determines how the carer/client will be identified in the export. Choose one of the built-in fields, or select "Custom Field" to choose one of your custom fields. If blank, the client's Reference Code will be used (e.g. JOHDOE)
Carer Identifier Optional If blank, the carer's Payroll Number will be used.

Tempaid settings are not team-scoped. Settings will apply to all teams.

Exporting data

Navigate to Integrations → Tempaid → Export.

The Tempaid integration only supports exporting data as a CSV. 


Before running the export, you must first choose a number of parameters.

From Required The date from which visits will be included.
Until Required The latest date that will be included.
Teams Required Which teams should have their visits included.
Only confirmed visits? Optional Whether only confirmed visits should be included.

Once you're happy with your selection, click Export. The file will be generated in the background, and it will be emailed to you once it's ready.

Export File

Each row in the export represents a visit that the carer has allocated to. 

Charge/Pay rates

Hourly rates are calculated as a weighted average of the total pay/billing amount for the visit.

This is done so that visits where multiple rates are used (such as visits crossing unsociable hours) can be supported.


If "expense" items are calculated for a visit, an additional row for the visit will be added.

This row will always have a Job Code of "EXPS", and Hours as "1".

The Pay Rate and Charge Rate will represent the total value of the paid/charged expenses.

Pay expenses

Pay expenses could include:

  • Mileage
  • Travel time

Charge expenses

Charge expenses could include:

  • Mileage
  • Call-out charges

File structure

The export file contains the following columns:

REC-HOURS Number Visit length as number of hours  
REC-TIME-ACCNO - Always blank  
Client Text Client identifier, as configured in Tempaid Settings  
REC-APREF Text Carer identifier, as configured in Tempaid Settings  
REC-FILDATE - Always blank  
REC-FINISH - Always blank  
REC-TIMENO - Always blank  
REC-WENDING Date Week ending date, dd/mm/yy. Always a Sunday  
REC-ORDREF - Always blank  
REC-JOB Text Job code Can be specified in the carer's contract, or their "Job Title" record.
REC-TIME-STDATE Date Visit start date, dd/mm/yy  
REC-TIMERATE Text Time rate as specified in Tempaid Settings  
REC-PAYRATE Number Pay rate per hour  
REC-CHARGERATE Number Charge rate per hour  
REC-INVTXT Text PO number Configured in client's service contract, or their "Invoice Reference".
REC-AWRROLE Text Job code Can be specified in the carer's contract, or their "Job Title" record.
REC-DAYNO Number Day of the week, 1-7 (Mon-Sun)