There will be times that the answer to a question you have will not be found within one of our support articles, in which case you will need to contact our Support Team.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm

Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays

How to contact us

Helpdesk Support Site - you may have found this article by selecting Help in the main menu of your environment at the bottom of the navigation bar, or by clicking the :help: icon on certain pages. You can use the submit a request option at the top right to ask any questions which will be submitted to our email ticketing system, see below for more information.

Email - Alternatively, you can use the submit a request option at the top right of the support site. For both of these options please provide us with as much information as possible when asking questions along with screenshots to support issues that you would like us to troubleshoot. For all emails it is best to include the question or issue in the email header.

Telephone - 03300 885 767 and use option 2 for support.

Bug - In your environment, Top Right next to the Team selector you will see Bug.  Unfortunately, as with all software occasionally you may find something not working quite as it should.  If you could raise the issue by completing the Bug form with as much information as possible.

Out of Hours

For the majority of the time, we do find that if we are contacted out of hours, a response first thing in the morning of the next working day is perfectly acceptable.  However, we do appreciate that there will be times that you may need our urgent attention.  If this is the case, in the first instance, please phone us and leave a Voicemail message with as much information as possible followed by an email to clearly stating what the issue is in the email subject header.  This will then be picked up by the team member monitoring the support desk.