CareLineLive provides an easy way for you to upload documents against your client records, allowing you to maintain a single point of reference for important information. You can optionally share documents with carers via the app: 

Uploading documents

Open the Documents tab in a carer's profile to see a list of existing documents. Click the :file_upload: Upload button to start a new upload.

First select the file you want to upload from your computer, the Name box will be automatically filled with the file name, however you can change this to something more readable if you wish.

Select the Document Type from the dropdown list.


Here you can optionally choose to make this document available to carers (via the Carer Companion App), or with members of the client's Care Circle portal. Only PDF documents can be viewed in the Carer app.

Viewing documents in the app

When you upload a document to a client's profile, you are given the option of it being available to view in the carer companion app. If you allow this, the document will appear in the Documents tab during a visit. This is useful for information such as care plans, so the carer can easily access them. 

Please note that currently the document will only be visible if it has been uploaded as a PDF.


  • Files must be under 25mb
  • The following file types are accepted:
    • Plain text fields
    • Images
    • Microsoft Office documents
    • PDFs
    • Emails (.eml files)
  • Only PDF files can be viewed in the Carer Companion App