This feature allows you to check to see if you have space for new packages of care. It is comprised of two sections, Availability and Map.


The assistant combines both the availability and the map for a simple step by step wizard checking both the areas and carer availability.


Availability allows you to enter in planned or expected visit times over a certain period to be able to check your carer's availability for this time period. To set this up, head to Tools > Capacity and select availability. 

The first section is dates and teams, you can choose the start and end date of the period you want to check and which team(s) you want to check within.

Next is the visits, use the form to select the start time and duration for the visits that the client is expected to have. You can enter in multiple visits if the prospective client would require this. 


Once you have added the visit, you are able to add additional visits to check other times, or click "Check Capacity" to see the results.

At the top you will see the total number of carers who are:

  • Available - 100% availability
  • Partially Available - Less than 100% availability, but has availability (or loose unavailability) greater than 0%
  • Unavailable - 0% availability (includes where loose unavailability contains 0% in the range)

You can then see your list of eligible carers below, showing their availability as a percentage, you can click on the :search: button to the right hand side to see specifically within that time frame they are available.


Any availability with a question mark next to it indicates loose unavailability.


The map section within capacity planning allows you to check areas to find out whether you have other clients and carers in these areas. You can enter a postcode to see the area, showing clients in purple and carers in green as well as showing any service areas set up.


In the above screenshot there are 2 clients within the postcode area selected and 1 carer whose service area covers the postcode.