Booking types show what type of booking is set to happen.  This shows both on the Roster/Agenda screen, and also on the carer's apps to show what is expected to happen during the visit.  There is a list of default booking types set up when your web environment is created.  As well as these being amendable, you also have the ability to create your own ones as well.


To view, create and amend booking types, go to Bookings > Types.  If you want to amend a booking type, simply click on it. To create a new one, click the + button in the top right hand corner and this menu will appear:



Here you can select:

  • The name of the booking type
  • Whether you can assign carers and/or clients
  • Whether it is billable and/or payable
  • If it requires a check in
  • Maximum number of attending carers
  • The colour - this appears below the booking on the schedule, agenda and roster screens to show what booking type is is at a glance.