Carers pay rates may differ within a working week, so rather than creating a number of different contracts you can capture this by using the default rate as well as the unsociable hours section when creating a carers contract.

Default Rates

Each contract needs to have a default hourly rate.  This is the ideal place to set your most commonly used hourly rate, i.e. your day time rate.


Unsociable Hours

Here you can override the hourly rate for defined time periods, whether weekday/weekend, bank holidays, or 'Special Days'.

Each entry for unsociable hours is referred to as a range. You can specify the hourly rate, and any non pro-rata rates for the range.



Using the above example, the default rate of £10.00 would be paid between 07:00 and 17:59.  Between 18:00 and 06.59 they would be paid £15.00. 

If after 23.59 the next day was a weekend or a public holiday, the pay rate would then change accordingly.


Payment Calculation

In the Payment Calculation section, leave the highlighted circle unticked.  This will make sure that all of the variables that you have just created are captured should a booking span over different ranges.