The grid roster layout represents a single day, with each row representing either a carer or client. Functionality is largely similar between the carer & clients views, however we'd outlined a few of the key differences later in this article.



An event is anything displayed on the roster grid; such as bookings, shifts, leave, availability or schedule entries.


Hovering over an event will show some brief information about that event. Double-clicking will launch a pop-up showing more information and allowing you to perform other actions.


Drag & drop

Using drag & drop is the quickest way to make changes using the roster grid.

Simply click & drag an event into its new position. Dragging horizontally will change its start time, and dragging vertically will let you re-allocate to a different carer (if the type of event allows).

Holding the SHIFT key whilst dragging will lock its axis; making sure you don't unintentionally change the start time or allocation.

Selecting multiple

You can also select multiple bookings on a single row by starting your "drag" in an empty space. Drag your cursor over all of the bookings you want to select.

Right-click/actions/context menu

When events are selected, there are a number of actions you can perform by either right-clicking on the event or by clicking the Actions button at the bottom of the screen. These include:

  • Move to: Select a carer to move the booking to, this is similar to dragging and dropping but will allow you to allocate a carer without amending the time

  • Unallocate: If the bookings you have selected are allocated, you can use this option to remove that carer allocation.

  • Allocate carer(s): If a single booking is selected, you can allocate multiple carers at the same time.

  • Add to round: You can add the selected bookings to a round, or create a new round. Bookings added this way will only be assigned to the round once.

  • Cancel booking(s): Allows you to cancel the selected bookings. You can choose to cancel and/or charge for each individual booking.

  • Delete booking(s): Use this option to delete the selected bookings.

  • Clear selection: Deselects any bookings you have selected.

Saving changes

When using the drag and drop or right click and move to methods, you can make multiple amendments before these are saved. you will see a message in the bottom right corner with the number of changes being made, as well as having the option to reset back to the last saved point, or preview your changes and save.

Changes made by other users

If another user saves changes on a roster you are editing you will get a message in the bottom right stating that changes have been made and a prompt to refresh the screen. If those changes clash with any amendments you have made, you will be asked if you want to keep your changes and carry on to preview and save, or discard them.

Carer view

The carer view of the roster grid shows each carer as a separate row; only active carers will be shown for the day you're currently viewing.

Unallocated bookings

Unallocated bookings are bookings that do not have a carer assigned. These will appear at the top of your roster on the carer view either in the unallocated bar at the top, or a separate bar if they are part of an unallocated round. As a default, these will appear in grey.


As well as unallocated bookings, there are partially allocated bookings. This is where a booking has fewer carers assigned than are expected to attend. These will appear in the unallocated row as well, but will also show on the row for the carer(s) that they are already allocated to. As a default, these will appear in a faded colour.

Drag & drop unallocated booking

To allocate bookings using drag and drop, select the booking(s) you wish to change by clicking on them and dragging them to carer and time you want. If you do not wish to change the time, hold down the shift key. Changes made this way are not automatically saved, allowing you to preview multiple amendments before committing them. Use the preview and save option to save.

Right-click to allocate

To use this method, select the bookings you want to move, right click and use the move to menu to choose a carer. Click on the carer to move the booking. This method will move all selected bookings to the same carer without amending the time. Use preview and save to commit.

Unallocating a booking

If the unallocated bar is present, you are also able to unallocate by dragging a booking into the unallocated bar and saving.


You can apply filters to the roster grid, which will help you navigate and jump to relevant events. This can be useful if you're viewing a lot of events on the same page! The following options are available:

  • Client: Highlight bookings for a specific client

  • Changed since: Highlight bookings that have changed in the time period you specify.

  • Moved by at least (minutes): Highlight bookings where the time has changed by at least the specified number of minutes

Any and all of these options can be used individually, or at the same time.

Roster settings

  • Zoom: Allows you to zoom in on the roster to view bookings more clearly.

  • Disable sticky rows: Determines whether the unallocated bar stays at the top of the visible portion of the roster at all times, or whether it stays rigidly to the top of the roster.

  • Only show available workers: Hides any workers that do not have a booking, shift or availability set so you can only see who is working on that particular day.
  • Hide cancelled bookings: As a default, cancelled bookings will show on the roster in red so you can keep track of where bookings were originally happening. You can choose to hide cancelled bookings to prevent them from showing on the roster.

  • Enable travel: Choose whether to show the travel time estimates on the roster, or disable them. This does not affect paying for travel time and is purely visual.

  • Show unallocated rows for all teams: Even if there are no unallocated bookings, you can choose to show the unallocated row for all teams selected at the top of the roster. This allows for easy unallocation by drag and drop.

  • Show client priority: If you have set your client’s priority using the RAG system you can choose to show this at all times, or only when hovering your mouse over the booking

  • Auto-refresh (10s): Refreshes the rota every 10 seconds to pull through any changes to bookings, or check in status.

  • Capacity tools: Takes you to the capacity planning tool to allow you to check if you have capacity for additional packages of care.

Previewing profile/agenda/travel

  • Their profile to see contact information.

  • Their agenda to view their week’s work without leaving the roster to go to their record.

  • Their travel for the day to see estimated journeys and their routes for the day.

Travel Time Estimates


If you have Travel Time Estimates enabled, the journey times between each booking for the carer will be visualised on the roster grid.

Previewing travel time

If you’ve changed the order of visits for a carer, or have reallocated them, you can preview the new journey times by clicking Check Travel Times at the bottom of the screen.

If you’d like to enable Travel Time Estimates on your environment, please contact

Client view

Differences to the carers view

The clients view still shows all clients bookings and whether they are allocated, but there are a few key differences to the carer view.

Scheduled bookings

The clients view shows your clients scheduled bookings. This allows you to see when bookings are expected to happen for upcoming days.

Unallocated bookings

Any unallocated bookings will show on the row for each client, as opposed to sticking at the top of the screen.

Rounds do not show

As rounds are intended as a way of allocating bookings via drag and drop, the rounds do not show on the clients view.