Drag & Drop

The quickest way to make changes in the roster screen is by using the drag & drop function.  Simply click on a booking, and drag it into position.  Hold the shift key to lock a booking to either a carer, or a time.

You can move multiple bookings this way before saving to make a 'draft' rota. 

You can also select multiple bookings for a single carer using a click and drag option, this allows you to make multiple actions on calls for a carer at the same time.


Saving Changes

After your bookings have been dragged into place and you are happy with the rota, you need to save them.  Click on the "Preview and Save" button in the bottom right to do this.  This will bring a form showing any and all changes set to be made. 

If the booking has been created from a client's schedule entry, there will also be an option to "Update Schedule" clicking this allows you to save a change such as a carer allocation or time change to the client's schedule for the next time the booking is generated. 

When you're ready to save, click save and the changes will be made.

Unallocated bookings


If you have any bookings that are yet to be allocated to a carer (or only partially allocated), they will appear in an "Unallocated Row" at the top of the roster. You can drag + drop the booking onto a carer's row in order to allocate it. Separate rows will be created for each team that is selected, as well as each round.

By default, if there are 3 or less unallocated rows they will stick to the top of the roster to make it easier to allocate to carers further down the screen. You can disable this by clicking "Disable sticky rows" in the roster settings found in the top-right corner of the page. 

The unallocated bar will also disappear when there are no unallocated calls left.  You can set this so that it always shows at the top of the page for easy drag and drop use.

Unallocating calls

You can unallocated either a single call or multiple calls by using the actions button.  Select a single call by clicking it, or use Ctrl (⌘ for Mac users) whilst clicking to select multiple; and  click the actions button at the bottom left or right-click on a call.

Select Unallocate from the list and the calls will move up to the unallocated bar - these changes will still need to be saved.




If any calls are in a round, this will be indicated by a blue bar at the top of the booking(s).  You can add bookings to a round ad hoc, within the roster.  Select the bookings you want to add to the round, click on the actions button, and select 'add to round'.  If you want the calls to permanently be in the round, you will need to add this to the client's schedule entry.  See Create and use Rounds



Travel Time

You can see travel time estimates in the roster screen.  These will be indicated by either a green bar, to indicate that there is enough time to travel between bookings or a red bar to indicate there isn't


In the settings menu, found in the top right of the page, you can disable the travel time view if you prefer not to see it.

Clicking on the indicator bar will show a map of the carer's journey and the estimated distance & time.


The filters section allows you to highlight bookings to make them easier to find.  The filters offer two search parameters, which can be used together.


Highlight bookings for a particular client to show who is allocated to them at a glance. 

Changed Since

Highlight any bookings that have been changed within a certain time period.  The three options for this are:

  • Last hour
  • Today
  • Yesterday

Cancelled Bookings

Any bookings that have been cancelled will show on the Roster by default. You won't be able to interact with them, and they'll display behind any bookings that may be over the top of them.

You can choose to hide the cancelled bookings by clicking the settings cog in the top-right of the roster screen, and clicking Hide cancelled bookings. This will only apply to the computer that the user is using.

Screenshot_2021-05-20_at_15.53.50.png Screenshot_2021-05-20_at_15.54.03__1_.png

Previewing a carer's agenda

Click a carer's name on the left hand side of the roster; an option will be presented for previewing their agenda.


Once clicked, their agenda will be displayed in a pop-up. You won't be able to make any changes using this agenda, but it can give you up to 4 weeks visibility of the carer's rota.