We're constantly making improvements to CareLineLive, below we list some of the headline updates.


w/c 21st December 2020

  • New 'Monitoring' dashboard, which shows a near real-time map of recent and upcoming visits
  • Requirements report: allow filtering down to a single carer

w/c 14th December 2020

  • Service contracts: option to prevent carers from being paid mileage to visits under this service contract
  • Schedule/Agenda tabs: button to create an event from scratch instead of via click & drag
  • Contract Types: added 'last updated' time & who by to contract types tables
  • Bookings: make sure an unavailable carer can't be reallocated when a booking is uncancelled

w/c 7th December 2020

  • Bookings: option to pay carer mileage or not when cancelling
  • Alerts: auto-acknowledgement when an alert is resolved by a manual intervention
  • Alerts: allow certain types of alert to be disabled

w/c 23rd November 2020

  • Bookings: allow extra payments/reductions on a per-visit basis
  • Important contacts: show preferred name & comments in tables

w/c 16th November 2020

  • Invoices: allow client's address to always be shown in exports
  • Service Contracts: allow carer mileage to be charged back to client
  • Carer contracts: add department & cost centre codes for use with external payroll systems
  • Mileage: new settings to determine when carer's mileage should be calculated as commuting to/from home - 'Minimum gap for paid commute'
  • Buyers: add 'Payroll Department Code' for external payroll systems

w/c 2nd November 2020

  • Login: prompt 'Forgotten password' link if password is entered incorrectly

w/c 12th October 2020

  • Ability to log a user out of all of their active session through their account page
  • Invoices: export for Hertfordshire local authority

w/c 5th October 2020

  • You can now search for a setting in the Settings screen
  • Announcements
  • Booking Notes: Allow the profanity filter to be disabled
  • Forms: can now be assigned to carers
  • Visits Report: include original times and variance

w/c 28th September 2020

  • New dashboard layout

w/c 21st September 2020

  • Support for exporting to Sage Payroll IE
  • Task alerts: split into separate alerts for tasks & medications

w/c 14th September 2020

  • Carer contracts: allow a maximum duration for payable travel time

w/c 7th September 2020

  • Bookings - carer suggestions when allocating from the pop-up
    • takes into account carer's distance to the booking, compatibility, and continuity
  • New design for carer & client profiles

w/c 31st August 2020

w/c 24th August 2020

  • Alerts: option to log a reason for the alert when acknowledging
  • Time of Day: you can now adjust the Morning/Lunch/Tea/Evening presets in Settings → Calendar → Time of Day
  • Reports: simplified dashboard, and added preset options
  • Roster: allow the roster to be zoomed (open the settings menu in the top-right corner)
  • Forms:
    • multiple UI improvements and inconsistencies fixed
    • sections can now be duplicated
    • top-level sections can now be re-ordered
  • Carer Contracts:
    • redesigned contract pages & components
    • introduced Option Sets, allowing you to schedule changes to a contract & more

w/c 17th August 2020

  • Carers & Clients: you can save the languages that the carer/client speaks
  • Task Reconciliation: added filters for client, task type, carer, and completion status
  • Carers & Clients report: can now be exported as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Reports: descriptions have been added to the report selection dropdown
  • Carers & Clients: a message is shown if it's the carer/client's birthday
  • Alert Notification Groups: standalone email addresses can now be added as a recipient, meaning you can send to an email address that doesn't have a system account.

w/c 3rd August 2020

  • Hours & Mileage reports: can now be exported as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Outgoing emails: added a "Not expecting this email?" message to the bottom of emails
  • Booking Notes: notes are now analysed for profanity and reported for review
  • Visits Report: you can now filter for manual check-ins

w/c 27th July 2020

  • Family Portal: option to filter which clients are visible (when family member is allowed to view multiple clients)
  • Dashboard: added a warning if company contact details are incomplete
  • Payroll Runs: allow blank payslips to be added for a carer
  • Carer/Client Agenda exports: save carer/client's preference for receiving their agenda
  • Alerts: "Late Bookings" has been renamed to "Late Arrivals"

w/c 20th July 2020

  • Client Schedule Entries: option to exclude from Public Holidays & Special Days
  • Carers: add PPS number for Republic of Ireland
  • Invoice Runs: support Sheffield City Council CSV export
  • Family portal: add item to navigation if account is both a family member and a system user

w/c 13th July 2020

w/c 6th July 2020

  • Family Portal:
    • This is the first iteration of "v2" of the family portal, including a redesign and a couple of new features
    • notes & tasks can optionally be made available; must be enabled in Settings > Family Portal
    • a family member can be granted access to multiple clients
  • Tasks:
    • completions can now be deleted through the reconciliation screen
    • you can now link to reconciliation from the tasks tab of a booking, or from the client's tasks tab
  • Carer Agenda/Schedule: a table view is now available, in addition to the grid
  • PDFs: company address is now included in the footer of all exports

w/c 29th June 2020

  • Roster:
    • show transport type icon on indicator
    • added support for filtering; events matching the filters will be highlighted
    • click & drag over existing bookings will now select them, instead of prompting to create a new event
    • added "Move to" option in the actions menu for selected bookings, allowing you to move the bookings to a different row/carer
    • added a hint when dragging a booking - holding the shift key will lock the carer/time
  • Travel time estimates:
    • recalculate journeys when an address is changed or geocoded
    • recalculate journeys when a carer's primary transport type is changed
  • Added Carer Timesheets Report: similar to Hours Report, but focused on carers' work
  • Bookings:
    • discounts can now be applied to individual bookings
    • discounts & mark-ups can be given to allocated carers

w/c 22nd June 2020

  • Clients: added Contingency Plan field to profile
  • Contingency Report: added NOK details & plan column
  • Invoices: added invoice run period to header on PDF invoices
  • Visits Report:
    • include all bookings by default, not just where the carer(s) have arrived
    • include duration variance & punctuality averages
  • Punctuality Report: include duration variance column

w/c 15th June 2020

w/c 1st June 2020

  • Bookings: add support for predefined cancellation reasons
  • Support for EUR & NZD locales
  • App Config: option to disable carers from viewing clients agenda in the app

w/c 25th May 2020

  • Invoice Runs: ability to only include bookings, transactions, or both
  • Invoice Runs: allow transactions to be added manually

w/c 18th May 2020

  • Booking Notes: allow editing
  • Travel Time Estimates
  • Payroll & Invoices: ability to mark as posted
  • Bookings & Scheduled Visits: address can be chosen when creating

w/c 11th May 2020

  • Payslips: added envelope window support
  • Payslip Summary: include travel time, even if none paid
  • Bookings: warning shown if created for the past
  • Invoice Runs: allow filtering by non-global buyers

w/c 4th May 2020

  • Booking Confirmation: added new threshold for duration between spent on the check out screen

w/c 27th April 2020

  • Client Journal Report: added filter for entry method
  • Carers & Clients: invoice/payslip delivery preference
  • Bookings: add billable/payable flags for each allocated carer
  • Bookings: override mileage payments for each carer
  • Requirements Report: allow filtering by individual requirements
  • Roster: show sum of hours for each row
  • Payroll Runs: generate printable PDF file, w/ support for double-sided (duplex) printing
  • Manual Check-ins: show who added the manual check-in
  • Leave: option to unallocate calls if leave is added from the roster
  • Contingency Report: include high severity medical conditions
  • Travel Time Payment: option to use carer's hourly rate for payment

w/c 30th March 2020

  • Client Agenda Export: include carer's profile photo when available
  • Holiday Pay Estimates: updated to new 52 week guidelines

w/c 23rd March 2020

  • Client Agenda: added a list view

w/c 16th March 2020

  • Carers/Clients Reports: email addresses included

w/c 2nd March 2020

  • Added Permission Matrix, which shows roles & permissions in a tabular layout

w/c 24th February 2020

  • Added organisations, which can be used for important contacts & buyers
  • Teams: Allow selection of multiple teams
  • Visits Report: filter added for punctuality
  • Hours Report: include number of unallocated hours

w/c 17th February 2020

  • Bookings: added a column for notes

w/c 3rd February 2020

  • Roster: show an "unallocated" row for each team that is selected
  • Payroll: Offshore Payroll integration
  • Bookings: added indicator if a booking spans multiple days
  • Mileage: support per-contract mileage rates
  • Mileage: add mileage rate for walkers
  • Invoices: allow filtering by global buyer
  • Bookings Report: allow filtering by number of carers

w/c 20th January 2020

  • Carers/Clients Report: added filter for contract start date

w/c 13th January 2020

  • Carers & Clients: Ethnicity
  • Carer Companion App: added Chromebook support

w/c 6th January 2019

  • Forms: beta released

w/c 9th December 2019

  • Bookings Report: Update layout to clearly show when there are multiple carers
  • Task Completions Report: added filter for completion status
  • Carer Compatibility: allow compatibility rules based on gender
  • Ad-hoc Carer Availability
  • Carer Requirements report: added filter for requirement type 

w/c 25th November 2019

  • Allow travel time to be paid when mileage is disabled

w/c 4th November 2019