Notification groups allow you to configure how you are notified when an alert is generated. This can either by email or within the web environment. To create a new notification group, go to Alerts > Notification groups and click the + icon in the top right hand corner. The following form will appear 

  1. Which team(s) you wish to get notifications for.
  2. The name of the notification group.
  3. What you want to be alerted of.
  4. Frequency - How often you wish to be notified:
    • Every minute.
    • Every 5 minutes.
    • Every 15 minutes.
    • Every 30 minutes.
    • Every hour.
  5. How you wish to receive these notifications:
    • Email - The users being notified will be emailed with the alert.
    • Web - The users will have a notification in their web environment.
  6. Who should be notified:
    • Account roles - All people with the user roles selected will receive notifications.
    • Users - Only the user(s) selected will receive notifications.