Create assessments, support plans, and more using the new Form Builder.


Forms within CareLineLive provide you with a way of collecting information & creating structured documents that you can associate and complete for clients & carers.

First, you will set up your form templates. This is how you define what information needs to be collected by the form and how it will be structured.

Once your form template is ready, you can then assign it to carers/clients and start filling them out.

We provide many different types of questions, including simple Text questions, multiple choice, dropdowns, and risks/needs.


Currently it's only possible to assign one instance of a form template to each carer/client


Each time you add a Risk question, you will need to associate it with a category. When completing the form, you'll then be asked to log any risks associated with the category.

For example, you may have a "Falls" risk category. Whoever is completing the form will be expected to add any risks associated to falls that they've found as part of their assessment.

For each risk, they will be asked to record the following information:

Level What is the level of risk associated with the Risk Category? None, low, medium, or high.
Description Add some more context about the risk
Comments Any additional comments that help to describe the risk.





Similar to risks, in that each 'Needs' question type needs to be associated with a Need Category.

For example, you may have a Nutrition need category, the user will be expected to record all needs relating to nutrition, such as diet & fluid intake.

Each need has the following options that can be recorded:


Importance How important is the need? None, low, medium, or high.
Needs What is the need?
Goals What goals do we have that are related to the need?
Action What are the recommended actions to take when addressing the need?




Before you can start filling out forms, you need to define which questions to include. In CareLineLive, these are called Form Templates.


Creating a template


Click on Forms in the main navigation, and then the Templates tab. Use the + button in the top-right of the list to start a new template.


First you'll be asked which team(s) the template should be available to, as well as a name, and whether it should be available for carers, clients, or both.  Click create to be taken to the Form Builder.


All questions within a form need to belong to a section. Within each section you can have sub-sections alongside your questions.

Add the first section by clicking the 'Add your first section' button in the middle of the screen. Give it a name and optionally a description, then click Save. You'll now see your first section in the middle of the screen! On the right hand side you'll see a list of available question types.

You can sections within your sections by clicking the + button in the section header.

Deleting & duplicating sections
If you need to delete or make a copy of a section, click the overflow button and then Duplicate or Delete.


We give you the option to choose from a range of different types of question.


Text A simple text answer
Multiple Choice Select any applicable options from a predefined list
Single Choice Select a single option from a predefined list
Checkbox Simple yes or no question
Date Select a date
Date & time Select a date and time
Dropdown Choose from a list of predefined options
Risk Ask for any risks to be recorded against a risk category
Need Ask for any needs to be recorded against a need category


For each question you have the option of adding a description, as well as any 'help text'. Help text is shown to the user when completing the form.

If the question is mandatory, check the Required box.

Sometimes you only need a question to be answered if another question has been completed. Check the Depends on another question box and then choose the other question from the dropdown list.


Adding the first question

Decide what you want your first question to be (don't worry, you can edit it later and change the order if necessary). Click + drag the question into the section, release the mouse to drop the question. Alternatively, click the + button in the section header.


Add the rest of your questions & sections

Once done, we can look at how you can start to assign forms to carers & clients for completion.


Printing the form

If you don't want to assign the form and simply want to print or save a blank copy to your computer, click the PDF button in the form header.


Once you've created any form templates you want to use, you can start assigning them.

Templates can currently only be assigned once per carer/client


Assigning form(s)

First open up the record of the carer/client that you wish to assign the form to, then click the + button in the top-right of the list.



The form will have the carer/client already selected.

Choose which template(s) you wish to assign and click 'Assign'.

You'll then be taken to a list that shows all assignments that have just been added.

If you want to remove the form once it's assigned, click the overflow icon (3 vertical dots) next to the form in the list and click 'Delete'.