It is possible to override the footer at the bottom of your invoices if they are from a different buyer to make it easier to differentiate between invoices. This can only be changed on a buyer by buyer basis.

To do this:

  • Choose the client you wish to alter this for, and click on their <People> tab.
  • Click on the buyer you want to choose and then click on their <Buyer> tab. If it is a global buyer, you can go via the <People> page on the navigation bar.
  • In their buyer tab, there will be a section named "Invoice settings", within that there is a box labelled "Invoice footer". Enter what you would like the message to be for the footer on this buyer's invoices. The text entered here will override the default footer for any invoices that this buyer is paying for.
  • Once an invoice with this buyer attached is opened, there will be a preview of the footer at the bottom of the summary box at the top that will confirm the overridden footer is being applied.