We're in the process of rolling out some big changes to the way that task scheduling works. If this update is live on your environment, please read Tasks (2021) instead.


You can assign tasks to a client that should be completed during the course of a visit. These are separated into two types:

  1. Task - Any general action that requires looking at. For example: changing bed sheets or tidying the kitchen. 
  2. Medication - Medication to be given or actioned during a visit.

When a scheduled task coincides with a booking, the carer will be able to action that task during the visit. They can then mark the completion status which will update in the web environment and a client's eMAR, if necessary. This requires tasks to be enabled in the Carer's app via Settings > App config.


Creating a task

To create a task for a client, open their task tab by heading to Clients > Client's name > Tasks. You will see a page that shows each day of the week with a section beneath each for any tasks that are scheduled. Click on the + icon on the right hand side next to the day you wish the task to occur, and this menu will appear:



Here you can select:

  • What day(s) the task is set to occur - you can choose which days of the week you want this task to occur on. If you have a multi-week task schedule cycle, you can also specify which week it should happen for.
  • What time period the task is for - either by entering a custom start time and duration, or choosing one of the time presets:
    • Morning, 05:00 - 11:00
    • Lunch, 11:00 - 15:00
    • Tea, 15:00 - 18:00
    • Evening - 18:00 - 23:00
  • The task type, either Task or Medication

Depending on which type you select, a different menu will appear below.



Here you need to write a description of what needs actioning to inform the carer what to do. You can also add in a set of dates that this applies for. This is good for when a task needs to occur regularly, but there is a definite start and end point, meaning you don't have to delete the task once it is no longer needed. You can also schedule a task for the future, these tasks will be marked as "pending".

Once created, the task will show up in the relevant day(s).



For more information on medical tasks, see - eMAR


Reconciliation and task completion

If a created and active task coincides with a booking for the client, the task will show in the carer's app, there is a box before check in to make it easier to see and a tab once they have checked in.




To complete the task, press the task and a menu will come up. It will prompt the completion status, and a note as well.




Once this has been done, the tick will appear as in the screenshot on the right hand side, the task will be marked as "prompted" in the reconciliation page. For more information on this, see - 3/9/19: Task Reconciliation.