If a client has a task that should happen on a cycle rather than set days; For example, a medication task that is set to occur every 3 days - 1 day on 2 days off, you can create a task schedule cycle. This works well if there is a multi-week schedule cycle in place, but does not rely on it.


In the above example, the cycle will need to be for 3 weeks to maintain the pattern but this will vary depending on how many days the cycle needs to be. To create a task schedule cycle, go to Clients > [Client's name] > Tasks and click on the 3 vertical dots on the right hand side.  Select, "Options".




This will bring up this form:




  1. The start date is date that week 1 will commence.  This should be aligned with the same start date as the schedule cycle to make it easier to follow.
  2. How many weeks the schedule cycle will be. Continuing with the above example, there have been 3 weeks selected.


Once this has been created, click <Save>. 


To add in tasks into the schedule, click the + icon next to the appropriate day, here you can select which week you wish the task to appear in and which days you want it to occur.




This means that the task created will occur on Monday, Thursday and Sunday of every week 1.


Once you have finished the task creations to match the cycle you want. They will be shown in the client's task menu and will have the week number and day labelled.