You are able to run a number of reports to help you see how your agency is running.

To run and view these reports head to the Reports page in the main navigation. All reports can be exported in PDF for either printing or emailing.

Background Generation

As of June 2020, we've overhauled the way reports are generated. Generation is now done in the background, meaning you are able to navigate to a different page if a report takes a long time to load, and be notified when the report is available.

You can view a list of your previously requested reports on the Reports Dashboard.

If a report takes longer than 20 seconds to generate, we'll send you an email with a link once it's ready.


Available Reports


The attendance report shows how many bookings a carer has and how many they have attended, it will also show attendance as a percentage on the right hand side. If you have selected a date range, rather than a single day, it will show the data for each day, as well as a total for each carer.



The bookings report shows all the bookings that have been made within the date parameters. They will default to sorting by client, showing in order what bookings have been made, the times and duration of, which carer is allocated and whether or not they have been confirmed (if the booking is to have happened. This can also be sorted by carer and by date.



The carers report shows what carers you have in your system, the user roles assigned and contact details if provided. It also shows the contact details of important contacts and next of kin. This can be filtered based on which contract type they have, if more than one, and to only show carers that have bookings within the given date range.



The clients report shows the active clients in your system for the given day or date range. It brings up their contact details, address and the contact details of their important contacts and next of kin. This can be filtered only by whether the client has bookings in the given day/date range.


Carer Journal

The carer journal report shows any entries that have been made to a carer's journal within the given time period. The default is to show all the entries in chronological order but can be filtered to show only a particular carer, or by the journal type/category.


Carer Requirements

The carer requirement report shows the completion and expiration status of the carers that have requirements attached to them. This can be filtered so it shows only carers with an active service contract, or only carers without requirements attached in case there is a missed requirement.


Carer Reviews

This report shows any carer reviews that have happened, or are scheduled within the time range. It also shows the outcome of these reviews, the date conducted and any notes that have been made about the review. This can be filtered by type of review, who the review was conducted by, outcome of the review and by individual carer.


Carer Timesheets

This report shows what hours a carer has been scheduled in for, how many have been booked, how many hours have been delivered and how many hours are payable or un-payable for the time period selected.  It will also show whether there are confirmed or unconfirmed hours within.


Client Journal

Similar to the carer journal, this report shows all the client journal entries made within the time range. These can be filtered by the client and also by entry type.


Client Reviews

Similar to the carer reviews, this report shows any client reviews scheduled, and can be filtered by type, whether or not they were conducted, outcome and by individual client.



This is a report to show the priority status of clients. This is in case of an emergency that means you are unable to reach all of your clients in a given time frame. You can set your client's priority status as either Red, Amber or Green with red being highest and green being lowest priority. This report groups the clients into their colour code so you can prioritise the clients that are in the most need of care.



Some clients prefer to have the same carer as much as possible. This report shows the amount of bookings that a client has had with each carer to visit them. It also gives the percentage of visits that each carer has accounted for next to their name so you can see how often a carer/client are paired together. 


When exporting to Excel, the standard report will be available as well as additional tabs that display the results in a matrix for easy interrogation of the data.



The demographics report takes information from the carer and client records for gender, ethnicity and nationality. It then breaks this down into sections for each and provides what percentage makes up each entry. Any information not given will be listed as "Unspecified" 



The hours report shows the hours scheduled, the hours delivered, and the hours billed for each client. It also shows the number of hours cancelled and the number of hours invoiced, if applicable. This report is useful for checking if clients are getting their scheduled plan and to see if your carers are getting the right amount of hours. For more information see the article Hours Report



the leave report shows the leave taken by carers in the given date range. This shows the type of leave, reason, when it was taken/scheduled and the duration of. This can be filtered by individual carers, or by date.



This report shows the mileage travelled by carers in the given time range. It will show the booked, payable and paid mileage where necessary. The values for these are derived from the Google maps based on the thresholds you have defined in Settings > Mileage > Thresholds. The time travelled is the estimated time taken to travel according to Google maps' data at the time of the visit.



This report shows each carer's scheduled visits duration and actual visits duration. It also shows their average punctuality so you can see whether the average amount of time either side of a booking that they usually arrive.


Task completions

The task completion report shows any tasks that were scheduled to happen within the time range. It will show completion status, the date and time of the task and what was scheduled to have been completed. The report can be filtered to group the tasks by client or by date. If it is set to date, it will still group the tasks by client for that day.


Visits - Available as a CSV export

This shows all the visits that are due to occur within the given time frame. This will only show created bookings, regardless of whether or not they have a carer allocated. It is grouped by client as a default and shows the visits in chronological order, with the type of visit and scheduled carer for the visit, if there is one.

The visits report shows the planned start time, duration and finish time as well as the arrival/departure punctuality of the carer and the duration of their stay, the report can be filtered to show when a carer is either early or late by a certain margin.