To manage your rotas when your staff are on leave, you are able to schedule in leave on the CareLineLive web environment. This will prevent your carers being allocated visits whilst they are away.

To schedule leave, go to Carers > [Carer's name] > Leave. You will see this screen:




On the left, we can add leave and see previous and upcoming leave. Click the + icon. A form will appear with two options at the top; "Less than a day" or "A day or more"


The section on the right is further explained in the article: Holiday/Leave Pay.


Less than a day

This is the form for when the leave to be scheduled is less than a day:


Here we have the option for:

  • Which team the leave is for (if necessary).
  • Start date - What day the leave will be taking place.
  • Start time - What time the leave is due to start.
  • Duration - How long the leave will be. 
  • Type - Why the leave is taking place.

If any allocated bookings are to be affected by this, it will show up in a red box in the bottom of the form and will give you the option to unallocate them, or do nothing.


A day or more

This is the form for when leave is scheduled to be more than a day:


This form is much the same as the "Less than a day" form but here you need to add a finish date. If the leave is only for the one day, then set the start date and finish date as the same.

 In this example the leave was scheduled to cover 2 already allocated shifts, the option <Do nothing> is currently selected. This means that any bookings will not be unallocated and will have to be done manually. To unallocate them automatically, click the <Unallocate> option. It is recommended that the "unallocated" option is chosen.

 The scheduled leave will show up in the carer's agenda and in the roster with the days being completely greyed out as shown below.






The system does is not able to tell which days are to be paid and which are not. For example, if a carer is off for 14 days, and they work 4 days a week they can be entitled to 8 days pay from those 14 days. If 14 days are put in the system for paid leave the system will pay the carer for all 14 days. This means that over the course of those 14 days, you will need to put in 8 days of paid leave and 6 of unpaid leave to ensure that you do not overpay for leave. For longer periods of leave, this may require booking it in multiple scheduled leaves. 


For information about how this is paid, see the article Holiday/Leave Pay.