The Carer Compatibility allows you to set which carers are preferred, warned, excluded or whitelisted for a particular client. You can also filter this by gender. this enables a greater level of control to make sure the client is seen by the best care staff for them. 

To add a compatibility for a gender, this field needs to be filled in in the carer's record in the overview section. 

Carer compatibility types


A carer or gender with a ‘Warn’ compatibility will show warning when allocating to the client. You are still able to allocate the carer or gender to a booking with the client.



The ‘Exclude’ compatibility will render a carer or gender unable to be allocated to visits for a particular client. They will still show up in the list of carers, but you will not be able to select them.



A ‘Preferred’ compatibility will list the carer or gender first when allocating to a client. This is if you have carers or a gender which are suited to, or liked by, the client but do not necessarily need to be the carer or gender booked.



Whitelisting will exclude all carers or gender not marked as ‘Whitelisted’ for the client. This is ideal if you have a few select carers or a particular gender that should be allowed to visit the client.


Adding carer compatibility

To add carer compatibility to a client, head to Clients > [Client name] > People. At the bottom of the screen you will see a section marked <Carer compatibility>. Use the <+> icon in the right hand corner of this (Or the <Add a compatibility> if there are none. This will open a form where you can choose the compatibility type from the "Action" menu, then choose whether it is a carer or gender that this rule applies to in "Kind". The third menu will only appear when an option is chosen for the Kind menu. This will either be a drop-down of carers, or male or female.



With the compatibility form there is also the option to enter a reason as to why the carer or gender is Preferred/Warned/Excluded with the client, this will be shown when allocating a carer or gender for a booking with the client. There is also a comment section where you can enter any additional comments relating to the compatibility, these will not be shown when selecting the carer or gender for a booking.