The carer requirements section is where you are able to create a list of all the information that you require when recruiting new staff. These can be training certificates, driving licences, references or even simple questions about their suitability.

Adding carer requirements

To see a list of the requirements you have, or add a carer requirement, head to Settings > Employees > Requirements. Then click the + icon to add in a requirement.



This will bring up the form below:



Here you can enter:

  • The name of the requirement - This field is required
  • What type of requirement it is from:
    • Qualification - This will bring up a menu of qualifications listed in the Qualifications page in Settings > Employees > Qualifications
    • Document - This will bring up a menu of documents that have been entered in Settings > Documents.
    • Text - If the requirement is a text, such as a questionnaire, then this can be used to differentiate it from documents.
    • Yes/No - A yes or no question; e.g. Does the carer have a car?
  • Description - You can enter a short description of the requirement to explain further what it is.


Requirement templates

Once you have added your requirements, you can group them together to easily allocate them to specific positions; e.g. Carers, Drivers, Office staff etc.



Here we can see that there are 2 templates set up. The number on the right hand side indicates how many requirements are grouped in this template.

To add a template go to Settings > Employees > Requirement templates and click the + icon in the top right hand corner. The following form will appear:



Name the template and add in all the requirements you wish to using the drop down menu. You can add any notes you wish to and a brief description of what it is for and click <Create>.


Requirements can be part of more than 1 template.


Attaching carer requirements

To attach requirements to a carer, go to their requirements tab by heading to Carers > [carer's name] > Requirements. Click <Attach requirements> or + icon top right of page.




Here you can attach either a previously set up template to attach a set group of requirements, or a single requirement. You can add more requirements as needed after this.

Once the requirement(s) have been added, they will need completing. To do this, click the pencil icon on the right hand side and fill in the completion status from the drop down menu. These options are:

  • Pending - Work on the requirement has not yet started.
  • In-Progress - Work on the requirement has started, but has neither been completed nor failed.
  • Complete - Everything needed for the requirement has been completed.
  • Fail - Requirement has not been met.

A carer can still be allocated to a booking if their requirements have not been completed. But a red ! will appear next to their requirements tab if there are requirements that need completing or have expired. exclamation_mark.png


 It is possible to remove requirements from a carer by clicking the bin icon. If a template has been attached, you cannot remove individual requirements within that template. The entire template must be removed.

If you upload a document listed as a requirement in the Document section within the carer's profile , the requirement will be automatically marked as "complete".  (When you upload the document you need to make sure that you select the correct Type of Document matching it to the document in requirements) By adding in an expiration date (Passports/Driving licenses etc) the requirement will automatically be marked as "Expired" when the expiration date has passed.


Where are you alerted?

On your Dashboard you will notice different tabs, Today, This week etc.  Within those tabs is an expiration section where you will be alerted of any requirements that are expiring, click on the entry and it will take you to the carers requirements report within the Reports section. 


Document types

The documents section is to keep a list of all the different document types that may be needed, either as a carer requirement, or for a client. This is so that you can define what they are when uploading a PDF to the system.

Document types can be added in the same way as requirements or qualifications by going to Settings > Document types and clicking the + icon in the top right hand corner.

If you add a document that is also a requirement to a carer, the requirement will automatically be completed.



Fill in the form as required, and click <create>. 


Viewing documents in the app

When you upload a document to a client's profile, you are given the option of it being available to view in the carer companion app. If you allow this, the document will appear in the <Documents> tab during a visit. This is useful for documents such as care plans, so the carer can easily access this.  Please note that currently the document will only be visible if it has been uploaded as a PDF.