There are often times where a client needs a temporary pause in their service. By adding a suspension, you can prevent visits from being booked, cancel existing bookings, and make sure that any tasks are cancelled.


Adding a suspension

To add a suspension, open the client's record and then the Contracts tab.

Underneath the Service Contracts section, there will be a section title Suspensions.



If any suspensions have previously been added for the client, they will be listed here; otherwise you will see a button in the middle labelled Add Suspension.

Click the + button in the top-right of the section.


On the resulting form, fill out any necessary sections, you must include a reason.

1 Start date When the suspension should start
2 Finish date (optional) If known, add the finish date. Otherwise you can leave blank and fill later.
3 Set times If the suspension needs to start/finish in the middle of the day, you can add start & finish times by checking this box.
4 Reason Why the suspension is being put in place
5 Comments (optional)

If you want to include any additional comments about the suspension outside of the reason.

6 Cancel/Delete existing bookings

If any existing bookings have been found, you'll be asked what to do with them.

You can choose to either cancel or delete them.

When cancelling, you have the option of choosing whether to charge the client and/or pay the carer(s)


Once the suspension is created, you edit it to add a finish date. To do this head back to the service contracts section on a client's page, then click on the pencil icon to edit. 




This will bring up the form where you can amend details or add the finish date.