If you have different rates for unsociable hours for either carers or clients, you may wish to view these separately on your invoices or payslips to ensure that all charges and payments are correct.


To set up unsociable hours on a contract, select the contract (or create a new one) and scroll down until you see the <Unsociable hours> section. Define the parameters you wish to set and click save. Should you wish it to be an all day rate, select start time as 00:00 and end time as 23:59.




If you want to adjust an existing contract on an individual basis, you can add this by selecting the <Override> option.



Payslips and Invoices

To make sure that payments and charges are all correct, these have been made easy to view on an invoice or payslip. To see these, you must have created a payroll or invoice run. Open one up. Do not issue the invoice if you need to check as this action cannot be undone.




Here we can see:

  1. The base rate and the pay per hour for usual working hours.
  2. A weekend rate, clearly defined and with the unsociable working hours rate.


The layout is exactly the same for invoices as it is on payroll to make it easy to follow and keep track of your finances.