Client's medical page

You will find a client's medical page through Clients > [client's name] > Medical. This tab contains the client's medical information in the sections:

  • DNAR - Do Not Attempt Resuscitation form
  • Medical conditions
  • Medication


If the client has a DNAR form, you can add the location of it into this section. To add a DNAR form, click <Add one> and enter the location of it and any necessary information.

Medical conditions

If the client has any specific medical conditions, you can list them here. To add a condition, click the <+> icon on the right hand side and fill out the form. The conditions are defined through the medical conditions section in settings and are organised by their condition group (See medical terms section below).

You must also add a short description and start date for this. You can choose to add the severity of this, a finish date if applicable, any treatments and additional comments as necessary.


Here you can document any medication that the client is on or has been on during their contract. To add a medication, click the <+> icon on the right hand side. Here, you must enter the name of the medication, start date and dosage (If the medication is required to be taken multiple times a day, you can set the daily dose here and set a separate dosage for each individual task).

You can also add the type and route (See below) and document any side effects that this client is known to have from medications. You can also add any additional comments if necessary.

Any medication entered will be available when creating a medication task.


Medical Terms

If you go to Settings > Medical, you will find 4 different sections cataloguing medical terms. These sections are:

  • Condition groups - Combines conditions into larger groups i.e. Allergy, heart/chest related, neurological.
  • Conditions - The names of medical conditions i.e. low blood pressure, deafness and motor neurone disease and which condition group they fall into.
  • Medication types - Categorises the types of medication i.e. capsule, cream, inhalant and a brief description of what they are.
  • Medication routes - How the medications are to be taken or administered with the medical term and a description of what that means i.e. Buccal - Held inside the cheek.

The system comes with a list for each of conditions and medications you are likely to encounter. You may, however, add new entries by clicking on the <+> icon in the top right hand corner. You can also alter individual entries by clicking on them, altering as need be and then clicking <Update>.



CareLineLive has an eMAR built in. For more information on this section, see eMAR.