The rostering section is used to manage your rotas and bookings. It has sections for Roster, Bookings,  Rounds, Shifts, Publishing and On-Call.


The roster is where you can view the daily rotas for your agency or an individual team. It shows the shifts, availability and bookings for carers and if they have been confirmed or not, should they have happened already. It also shows any unallocated bookings in the top. 

Below is an example of what a roster might look like:




  1. Unallocated - Shown at the top of the screen, this shows all created bookings without a carer allocated.  If there are multiple teams selected, there will be an unallocated bar for each selected team.
  2. Unallocated Rounds - Below the unallocated bar, there is also a section for unallocated rounds. Each unallocated round will have a separate row as well.
  3. Bookings will show up on the roster and will be a different colour depending on their status (these can be altered in Settings > Roster > Colours):
    • Deep green - Booking has been allocated but not visited
    • Purple - Booking has received a check in, but not a check out.
    • Blue - Booking has been visited (checked in and out) but has not been confirmed.
    • Bright green - Booking has been confirmed.
  4. Shifts will also show as an orange bar at the top of each carer's row.
  5. If a carer has any periods of time marked as unavailable in their schedule, they will have that section blocked out in red. Availability, as standard, is a light grey to avoid confusion with the bookings.
  6. Timeline - The red line indicates the current time so you can keep track of the day.


Multiple team selections

You are able to have multiple teams selected when in the roster screen.  To do this, go to the dropdown menu on the top right of your screen and select the teams you wish to view.  If you only wish to select one team, click the 'Only' button to the right of the team name.

If a booking is unable to be allocated to a carer because they are not part of the same team, the carer's row will show grey and white diagonal stripes to indicate that it it cannot be placed there.


Sticky rows and hiding unallocated bars

To manage how your unallocated bar appears, you can either have 'sticky rows' enabled or disabled.  Having them enabled means that the unallocated bar will scroll down the screen with you as you move down.  When it is disabled, the unallocated bar sticks to the top of the screen above the carers.  To manage this, click on the :settings: icon in the top right of the roster screen and click to either enable/disable sticky rows.

It is also possible to have the unallocated bars of every selected team showing whether they have any unallocated bookings or not. This can make it easier to unallocate bookings faster and in bulk.

See Roster Settings for more information.



The bookings section shows all your bookings, you can filter these by the following sections:

  • Bookings (all bookings)
  • Incomplete - Booking is missing a check-in and/or check-out.
  • Unconfirmed - Booking is either incomplete or fails to meet certain thresholds (See Check in/out of bookings manually and Thresholds for more information on how to resolve this).
  • Unallocated - Any booking that has not yet been allocated to a carer, or has not been allocated enough carers (if more than one required).  This section also shows any schedule entries for the date range that have not yet been made into live bookings.
  • Unpublished - Any booking that has been made but has not been officially sent to the rota. This will not show on a carer's app until it has been published. This option may not show if the team selected does not have any unpublished bookings.

There are also two settings section at the bottom.  These are:

  • Types. Here you can manage the booking types you have  e.g. domestic care, meal prep and add new types or remove them as necessary. 
  • Cancellation reasons.  When a booking is cancelled, you can create your own cancellation reasons.  This can save time when cancelling a call as you can select the reason from a dropdown menu, rather than typing it out each time.



In this section, you are able to view and manage any shifts that are happening that day, or any that are scheduled to happen but not yet created. To turn scheduled shifts into created ones from this page, select the <+> icon inline with each shift to create an individual shift or the <Create shifts> button in the top right hand corner to create all.

See Rostering using shifts for more information.


On call

If you have a carer enabled with the <On call> role for weekends or out of hours times, you can grant them access to the on call dashboard. This means that they are able to view the roster and a brief overview of the bookings scheduled for those times. It will show The carers who are working and the clients due to be visited for the day.

If you do not wish to give a carer this access, you can print off the necessary sections by using the printer icon at the top right of each section.

For more information, see the article: On Call