If a client has the same regular visit times, or a carer has a regular shift pattern, you can create a schedule for them to allow you to create bookings more easily. A schedule entry is not a live booking and will not appear in a carers rota until it has been turned into a live booking.


Client schedule entries

To create a schedule entry, head to the client's schedule page by accessing Client > [Client's name] > Schedule. 

Select when you would like the schedule entry to occur by clicking on the planner on the day and time you wish to select. A turquoise box will appear, click on this and a menu will appear.



  • Which week the schedule is happening for if there is a multi-week schedule. (See Creating a fortnightly schedule).
  • Which days the visit is for. A drop down menu will appear, allowing you to choose which days you want to happen.
  • What time the visit is scheduled for. Choose the start time and duration.

  • Booking information - Booking type, Team, if it is in a round, service contract.
  • Address - If the booking will be happening at a different address to the default address

  • Carers - You can allocate one or more carers to the schedule entry.  Whenever a booking is created from the schedule, it will automatically be allocated to the carers listed.  If left blank the booking will create as unallocated.

When adding a carer, there are other options which can be chosen:

  • Contract - Choose which carer contract should be used for the booking, you can select to use a fixed rate here if applicable.
  • Billable/Payable - You can set the schedule entry to create a booking which is not billable and/or payable if needed.
  • Pay mileage - There are three options here for carer mileage:
    • Use contract default - Mileage is controlled by the contract
    • Override and pay mileage - Regardless of the contract settings, mileage will be calculated for paying.
    • Override and don't pay mileage - Regardless of the contract settings, mileage will not be calculated for paying.
    • Transport type - Override the carer's default transport type for the booking.  This will be used for mileage rates and travel time.
  • Add payment - If a carer would receive any pay outside of what their contract would generate for this call then this option can be used for extra payment.


  • Carer notes - For information more specific to the booking than the care package summary or rota comments
  • Number of Carers - Set a minimum number of carers for the visit.  If less carers are allocated in the roster, there will be some visual warnings
  • Overlapping options. (See Overlapping visits).
  • Exclusions - Add the option to exclude the booking from creating on certain days (Public holidays/special days)

If the booking type allows it, you can allocate a carer to the schedule entry.  The booking will automatically be allocated to the carer when the booking is created from the schedule.

Once you have selected this information, click <Create> and the new schedule entry will appear.


It is important to note that this is not a created booking.


To turn this schedule entry into a booking, head to the <Agenda> page. From here, you can turn scheduled visits into bookings, or create ad-hoc bookings.




All the scheduled visits are showing as grey on the agenda, this means that a booking has not been created. The hours booked, and billable hours will remain at 0 if the bookings have not been generated on the agenda

To create a booking, either:

  1. Go to Rostering > Bookings > Unallocated. Select a date or date range and click <Generate bookings>. This option allows you to create bookings for all clients and carers at the same time. (Recommended)
  2. On the agenda, select <Schedule week #> to create all bookings from the schedule entries.
  3. On the agenda, double click on a scheduled visit and click "Create" to turn it into an individual booking.



In this example, an individual booking has been made. Once it has been created, and a carer allocated, it will show up as turquoise in the agenda.


Ad hoc bookings

To create an ad hoc booking, head to the agenda and click the time and day of when you would like the booking to happen, a teal box with a + in the middle should appear, click on this. From here you can adjust the start time, choose the booking type and add carers. Once the form has been filled, click <Create>.

Carer schedule entries

Carer schedules differ from client schedules in that you can allocate either a shift, or an available time. To create a carer schedule entry, head to Carers > [Carer name] > Schedule and then click on the day and time you would like.


This is to note down times when a carer is either available or not available. This is to make sure that carers are not allocated to visits at times when they are not working and also so that carers who do not have specific visits can be allocated to a booking.


You can choose to repeat this if this is a date and time that the carer is always available (or not available) for. In this example, the carer is set to available to make it so that they are unavailable deselect the tick box by clicking on it.

In Settings > Roster > Restrictions, it is possible to restrict allocation of bookings to either:

  • Only when the carer is set to available - This will require having the carers availability always ready in the schedule or roster.
  • Only when carer is not set to unavailable - If the carer is set to unavailable the carer cannot have bookings assigned. 

It is also possible to create ad hoc availability. This will override any scheduled availability for the time that it is set to cover meaning that if a carer is usually unavailable at a certain time, you can set them to available if they are able to cover some bookings.



To schedule a shift, select the option from the drop down menu under <Type>.



Here you must select the team that the shift will apply for (if multiple available) and the carer contract.

  1. Carer notes - Any notes that the carer may need to view relating to the shift.
  2. Private notes - Any notes that the carer does not need to see.



Here we have the two schedule entries, note that the shift has an orange bar on it to differentiate it from an availability. The scheduled hours will now update to 8 hours, as the availability does not count towards this.


If we now head over the the carer's agenda, we will be able to turn that shift into a booking using the same methods as for the client. The shift will continue to show as grey even when created, however, the <# hours working> in the top right corner (in place of <# hours scheduled> will update as required.



Bookings can be cancelled and kept on the system for your records. For more information, see the page: Cancel a Booking