The family module allows family members to access a client's patient information in the family portal. This means they can see the visits that are scheduled and if it has been attended or not. It also shows which carer will be attending the visit or has attended.  You also have the option to set up the family portal to allow notes and tasks to be viewed. 

The family module can only be opened as a website and is separate from the companion app, which is only for carers.

Setting up a family member

To set up a family member for a client, head to their client page by going to Clients > [select client] > Family Module. Then click on <Add family member> if it is the first person to be added. Alternatively, you can click on the :add: icon.



Firstly you need to check to see if an account for the family member has already been created.  To do this enter their email address and click check.  If an account is already there, you will be able to select the relationship to the client, click create to send an invitation to the family module.

If the email address is not registered, this will open up a form where you can enter the family member's details. You need to enter a first and last name.




Once completed, select create and this will queue an invitation to be sent to the family member.


Once sent the invitee will have an email sent to them with a link. This will take them to a page asking them to create a password. Once they have done this, they will be able to log in using the email they received the link to and the newly created password. See registration below for more information.


This link will expire if not used. If the invitation has expired then there will be a status next to the family member's name stating so. Otherwise it will say "Invitation sent", or "Invitation Accepted".





Once they have completed this, they can then log in to view the family portal. To do this, they must go to the same URL that is used for your web environment and not the link in the email.




This now shows all the scheduled visits showing start time, duration, what the visit is for, who will be attending and whether it was visited or not. Any visits that are in the future at the time of viewing will not have anything listed beneath.


From the web client, you will be able to view whether or not the invitation has been opened or not by going to the family module. This will be shown by either a grey or green box in the same line as the family member's name on the right hand side of the page.





Removing access to the family module

To remove a person access to the family module, head to the client's family module tab and delete the person from their list. This will stop them being able to access the module from thereon out.


Notes and tasks

It is up to you if you would like the family members to see notes that have been left and tasks that have been completed for your client.  To set this up head to Settings and click on Family Portal.  You will see that you have the choice to allow the notes and/or the tasks to be visible in the portal, along with how the carers name is displayed.  For booking times again you have a choice, whether the time of day (morning/lunch/tea/evening) should be shown instead of the planned times and once the booking has been confirmed, whether the confirmed start and finish times should be shown.  Please note that these settings apply globally to the family portal and is not configurable for  each individual client.