User roles define the access that a user account has to the app and the web client. When these roles are assigned to a user, it can grant, or restrict access to certain areas of the environment based on what the user actually needs to see. You need to assign these to your staff members and allow access or place restrictions as needed. You are unable to assign the Carer, Client or Family roles as these are set when users are created.


All the user role permissions can be fully customised to suit the needs of your agency. For example, you can make it so that only the user role <Branch Manager> is able to run a report in the <Reports> section. See below for more information on editing user roles; however, we do recommend contacting the CareLineLive team before attempting this for the first time to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Assigning user roles

The same user role can be assigned to any number of users as they are there to define the extent of the access somebody has to areas within the web client.

To find user roles, head to the <Accounts> tab on your navigation bar. The <All> section will list all the users that have been entered into the system, you can either scroll through to find a specific user, or use the search icon at the top. You can also use the <Administrators> tab to only show users with the administrator role assigned. If you need to create a new user, use the + icon in the top right hand corner.




  1. Which roles have been assigned to each user.
  2. Search icon.
  3. Create new user icon.
  4. Roles settings.


To assign a role, select a user and then select <Manage role> at the right hand side. 



This box will appear:



From here, open the drop down menu and assign or remove any roles you want then click <Save>.


Editing user roles

At present there is no option to create your own user roles. However, you are able to edit and customise these roles to suit your own needs. We would recommend getting in touch with the CareLineLive team before attempting this for the first time.

To edit user roles, head to Accounts > Settings > Roles. This will bring up a list containing 10 roles that have been preset by CareLineLive.



If you click on a role, a form will appear with multiple drop down menus detailing the permissions that each role has allowed. These permissions can be toggled on or off using the tick box in the relating drop down menu. You are also able to change the name of the roles and add a description. The list is in alphabetical order and contains many items so you may have to scroll down to find the section you are looking for.



Once you are done editing, click <Update> and the changes will be saved.


Permissions matrix

Another way you can amend the user role permissions, is by using the permissions matrix.  This lists all the user roles together with their permissions so you can compare roles when amending or before assigning a role to a user.  To access the permissions matrix, click on the button in the top right from the main user roles page.