If a carer has forgotten to check in/out, or the manual eRoster system is being used then the booking can be checked in/out manually. This can be achieved by either opening each booking, one at a time, or many bookings in bulk.

One booking manually checked in/out

From the roster, double click on the booking


Click on <View>

Choose the <Check -Ins> tab, there will be a note that the booking has not been checked in, therefore the carer has not used their mobile app and QR code. Click on <Add a Manual Check-in>


The Manual Check-in screen is opened. It will populate with the planned booking times and give the option to move the arrived/departed sliders to either check in one, the other or both. The times may be amended. A comment may be typed in if you wish to record the reason for a manual check in/out. Alternatively, click on <Mark All As Departed> this will do it all in one click, using the planned times, then <Save>


Going back to the main Roster screen the booking has change to ‘Olive green’, so it has now been confirmed.


In the background CareLineLive has calculated what to pay the carer and what to charge the client. When the payroll and invoicing is ‘run’ these amounts will be included.


Many bookings checked in/out in bulk quickly

The carer has either forgotten their phone, or is on CareLineLive’s manual eRoster system. They have four bookings to be checked in.


On the main menu go to <Bookings>, <Incomplete>, there are the four bookings, for carer ’Dave McDougall’ that have not been checked in/out. ‘Tick’ the four that need checking out and click on <Add manual check-ins> on the top, right hand side.


On the next screen, choose <Mark All as Departed> to quickly check in/out the selected bookings at their planned times, or go through the list and amend times, add comments as appropriate. When finished <Save ? Visits>


These bookings now show as all visited and confirmed, coloured ‘Olive green’ , the carers pay calculated and the charge to the client calculated in the background.



If a carer has checked in to a booking but has forgotten to check-out, the check-out can be completed manually. There is a booking for Johanne Carrero at 11:20am. The carer has checked in but forgotten to check out.


Double click on the booking, go to the <Check-ins> tab. On the bottom right hand side the ‘arrival’ has been recorded because the carer used the app, there is an option to manually check-out.


Check-out by either typing in the correct time and writing a comment or use <Mark all As Departed>


Alternatively, to check-in many missed check-outs go to <Bookings>, <incomplete>, there is a symbol to show that the booking is in progress (i.e checked in but not checked out). Select this booking and <Add Manual Check-Ins>,


Complete check-out details as required, and <Save>