Management Platform

The management platform is currently supported on the two latest versions of Google Chrome. We recommend using the most recent version as it contains the features and security updates necessary to provide a stable experience.


Carer Companion App

The companion app is available on mobile devices running Android and iOS:


The Android app requires Android 5 (Lollipop) or above, GPS capability, and a rear-facing camera.  Please note that the Android version needs to be Google Play certified.  Some mobile devices run on operating systems that are based on Android but are not Google Play certified e.g. Amazon Fire OS ones and EMUI ones (Huawei).


The iOS app is supported on iOS 12.2 and above. 

It is highly recommended that iOS users have Google maps installed for the most accurate locations for client addresses.


Google maps

To be able to use the app effectively for client addresses, the Google maps app must be installed on your phone. This is because it is more consistently accurate with locations given.