Bookings can only be confirmed once the visit has been completed, or if the Booking Type doesn't require that carers check in. The visit is considered as complete once each of the allocated carers has checked in and checked out of the visit using the app, or if manually check-ins have been added.

Unconfirmed Bookings

A list of unconfirmed bookings can be accessed by opening Bookings > Unconfirmed. If automatic confirmation is enabled, this list will only contain bookings that didn't meet the thresholds. Warnings will be shown giving the reason why each of these was unable to be confirmed. This is an opportunity to review and follow up with the carer when necessary.


    1. The total number of unconfirmed bookings.
    2. States the date, time, duration, type and client for the unconfirmed booking.
    3. States the name of the carer allocated to the booking.
    4. Shows the number of reasons why a booking is labelled as unconfirmed. Hovering over this with the cursor brings up brief overlay of the reasons.
    5.  This icon allows you to manually confirm the booking. Alternatively, if you want to manually confirm multiple bookings, select the bookings from the tick box on the left hand side of each one.


Confirming the booking 


  1. This row shows arrival time and visit duration.
  2. This row shows the distance from the provided location for both arrival and departure.
  3. The warnings as to why the booking was incomplete.
  4. Allows you to view the location where check in/out was made via Google Maps. 
  5. Allows you to confirm the booking.

Upon clicking <Confirm Now> a notification will flash up requiring you to acknowledge the warnings before allowing the booking to be confirmed. Without checking this box, the booking cannot be confirmed.


Upon confirmation, the box will become green to show that the booking has been manually confirmed.

Start Time & Duration

If the service contract or carer contract is set up to calculate using actual times instead of planned, the confirmed start time and duration may have an effect on how the booking is billed or paid. The start time influences which unsociable hours range the booking falls in, and the confirmed duration is used when calculating using hourly rates.

Incomplete Bookings

Before it can be confirmed, the booking must be complete. To view a list of incomplete bookings, open Bookings > Incomplete. From here you are able to add manual check-ins where necessary.


To add a manual check in either select the booking(s) you want to check in to, or click on the pencil icon on the right hand side and confirm the arrival time and departure times as necessary.2019-09-19_12h56_37__2_.png

Automatic Confirmation

The system can automatically confirm visits that adhere to configurable thresholds. The system will check the punctuality, duration under/over-run, and distance away from the service user's address.

Automatic confirmation can be enabled and configured in Settings > Roster > Thresholds.