Managing assessments

There are a number of tools available to aid you when assessing a client.

Publishing an assessment

Assessments often need to be reviewed periodically. Assessment publishing allows you to sign off on an assessment once all necessary information has been recorded.

To publish an assessment, you’ll need the Publish an assessment permission. By default, this is only given to administrators & branch managers.

This allows you to separate who is allowed to sign off on an assessment; for example, assessors could fill out the assessment and then hand over to a manager to approve it.

Each time an assessment is published a new version is recorded, allowing you to look back on the changes made to the assessment over time.

When publishing an assessment you have the opportunity to add a comment.



Marking an assessment as required

Not every assessment will be needed for every client. You can quickly mark an assessment as required by clicking the :more_vert: button next to the assessment, and then Mark as required.

If an assessment is changed to be no longer required, you’ll be asked to provide a reason that the assessment is longer required.

None of the assessments are required by default.



Exporting an assessment

Each time an assessment is published it’s given a version number. This allows you to both easily view previous versions of a document as well as being able to export each of these version as a PDF or for printing. This can be useful when evidencing changes made to an assessment over time.

To export the current version of an assessment, click the :more_vert: button at the top of the assessment and then Export. This option will only be available if the assessment has previously been saved.

The exported PDF will contain some additional information, such as the status of the assessment (in-progress or published); the version that has been exported; and who made the latest changes.

Viewing assessment history

To view previous versions of an assessment, open the assessment and click the :more_vert: button. If the assessment has been previously saved, you’ll see a button labelled View history.

The dialog will list all of the changes that have been made to the assessment; each time an assessment is published you can export the assessment as it was at that point in time. Click the :more_vert: next to the “published” item, and click Export.


Available assessments

We’re continuing to work on and introduce new assessments; the following are currently available:


About me

Allows managers and carers to get a real insight into a person. This is very important to ensure that there is a person-centred comprehensive view of the service user so they are not defined by their care and support requirements alone.

Conditions & needs

In this assessment you will be able to list & record details of the conditions the service user lives with.


This assessment records the communication preferences and needs of service users. The information recorded ensures that communication support is person-centred and appropriate to support the service user.

Fluids & nutrition

Allows you to assess the following:

  • Dietary needs; including diet, preparation preferences, and allergies & intolerances.

  • Fluid & hydration: fluid intake requirements, use of thickening agents, and dehydration.

Medication management

Within the assessment you can add details of the support required by the service user and collect information on medication management.

You can add information regarding safe storage of medication and how it is administered.

Adding medication to the our e-MAR hasn’t changed, this is still located in the medical section on the client profile. You can also add information detailing the ordering, receiving and returning of medication.

Mental health

The mental health assessment covers mental capacity, mental health and well-being, challenging behaviour and behaviour management strategies.

Mobility, moving & handling

Assesses mobility issues the client may be experiencing, as well as any equipment required for safe moving and handling and details of key stakeholders involved.

Personal care

Describe the level of care & support required with regards to activities, washing, toileting, and general care.

Skin integrity

Details of skin integrity, pressure sores and other relevant areas.


Filling out an assessment

We’ve made an effort to keep the layout and functionality of each assessment consistent, here are some of the common features you’ll come across:

Adding a comment to a question

Every time you see the :add_comments: button next to a question you can record additional information relevant to it. There’s no limit to how much you can write in the comments box.