You’ll find a section within a client’s profile that lists a number of assessments that can be recorded within CareLineLive.

We’ve chosen to focus on nutrition, fluid, and mental health assessments to start with. The best way to get familiar with the assessments is to load them up and start poking around! A description of each of the assessments has been included below.

Assessments aren’t currently visible within the carer app.

Diet & Fluid Assessment

Includes the following information:

  • Dietary needs

    • Diet

    • Food preparation

    • Allergies & intolerances

    • Portions & Presentation

  • Fluid & hydration

    • Requirements

    • Thickening agents

    • Diuretic medication

    • History of dehydration

    • UTI history

Additional comments can be left for most of the questions by clicking the :comment: button to the right of the question

Food & Drink Preferences

A table of the client’s liked & disliked food & drinks. Individual items can be marked as a snack and any comments can be left, such as preparation instructions.

You can drag & drop items between the columns and to sort them in order of preference.


Supplements & fortifications

Allows you to list any supplements or fortifications that a client takes. You can record the form and instructions for each.


Set meals

Record a client’s favourite or prescribed meals, including when the meal is for, instructions for preparation, and optionally the different components of the meal.


Meal components

You can optionally add individual components of a meal to give a better indication of how the meal should be prepared, and optionally any nutritional information associated with it.



When a carer is recording a meal observation through the app, they will have the option to pick from one of the client’s set meals or start from scratch.

If a set meal is selected the meal’s components will be copied into the observation, along with any nutritional information that may have been logged.

Nutritional information


We allow nutritional information to be recorded, but do not currently surface the information. We plan to provide reporting functions that will allow you better insight into a client’s diet.

It’s completely optional to include nutritional information, however you may find it proves useful for certain service users.


Meal Times


Here you’re able to give guidance as to how the client would like their meals. We group meals into 4 times: Morning, Lunch, Tea, Dinner. The times of these bands can be adjusted in Settings → Calendar → Time of Day.

You can include instructions specific to that time of day, the preferred time for the meal (e.g. between 8am and 9am), if any support is required for the meal, and location preferences (e.g. in their favourite armchair, or sat at the dining table).

Mental Health Assessment

The following areas are covered in the Mental Health Assessment:

  • Mental Capacity

    • Mental Capacity Act assessment

    • Diagnosed conditions

    • Memory loss

  • Mental Health & Well-being

    • Mood

    • Self-neglect

  • Behavioural Strategy

  • Stakeholders