Carer concerns can currently only be reported via the Carer Companion App.

Viewing carer concerns

In the main navigation, you’ll find a button labelled Concerns.

A badge with containing the number of un-acknowledged concerns will be shown. Click the button to open the concerns list.



Screenshot_2021-05-28_at_14.36.37.pngThe carer concerns list will show the following:


When the concern was submitted
Red/Amber/Green The severity level that was picked by the Carer
Client Who the client is
Related What the concern is relation to
Booking The visit that the concern is linked to
Carer Who reported the concern
Comments Details of the concern, submitted by the carer

Filtering the concerns

By default, concerns from the last 28 days will be shown. Use the date picker in the top-right of the screen to change the days.

Click the :filter_list: button to show additional filters, such as Acknowledgement Status, Client, and Carer.


Viewing additional context

Every observation is linked to both a booking and either a note, task, or observation. Click the :open_in_new: button in the Related column to open the relevant item in a new tab.

To open the linked booking, click the :more_vert: button to the right of the row, and then Open Booking.


Acknowledging concerns

Once a concern is acknowledged, you are marking it as no longer requiring attention. It will still be available for your records, but action is no longer required.

Click the :more_vert: button to the right of the row to open the actions menu, and then click Acknowledge.

You’ll be asked to provide a reason for acknowledging the concern, such as “no action required” or “incident report started”.

If for any reason you wish to acknowledge all of the concerns on the page, click the :more_vert: button in the top-right of the screen and select :check_circle: Acknowledge all. You’ll be asked for the reason that the selected concerns are being acknowledged.


Un-acknowledging concerns

If a concern is mistakenly acknowledged or needs to be re-opened, you can un-acknowledge the concern by click the actions button to the right of the row and then Un-acknowledge.

Starting an incident report

There may be a time where a concern that has been reported by a carer needs to be recorded as an incident. We’ve made it easy to start an incident report directly from a carer concern, which will attach additional context such as the booking and related note/task/observation.

Click the :more_vert: button to the right of the row, and then :warning: Start an incident report. You’ll be taken to a page where you can continue filing the incident report.

Click here to read more about creating incident reports