Please use the attached templates to format your data ready for importing into CareLineLive. 

Please discuss timeframes on your first onboarding session, where a team member will be able to advise you of turn around times to getting the import completed.  These times may vary if amendments need to be made to the templates in order to get them into the correct format.


The columns vary depending on which type of data you are using. Check the column headings for information about how the data within that column should be formatted.

Required columns

Columns that are required are marked with an asterisk: *

Referencing teams, categories, or contract types

When a column requires you to link to an existing record (such as a Team, Contract Type, Journal Category etc) you will need to make sure that the value matches the name of the related item exactly.

You can add multiple contracts to a carer or client, but you must separate them with a semicolon: ;

All contracts will use the same start date but this can be amended where needed once the import has taken place.

Referencing Carers/Clients

When importing data that is related to a carer or client, you will be asked to provide information that allows the system to match the imported record to an existing carer or client record within CareLineLive.

You may either provide the record ID, or the individuals First Name, Last Name and Postcode in order to match to the correct record.

ID This can either be the Reference Code (6-7 characters, e.g. JOHDOE), or the long UUID from the URL of the individual's profile (e.g, 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000).
First Name Useful if you're compiling your import data ahead of time and you're not sure what the ID is. Must either match the carer/client import template or the existing record exactly.
Last Name
Post Code

Using a Custom Field as the ID

As outlined above, by default the import tool will expect either a CareLineLive Reference Code or UUID, however it is possible to override this and point the import tool at a Custom Field that's been defined for a Carer/Client.

This can be done by adding a new column to the import sheet, labelled either "Carer ID Field" or "Client ID Field". Add a value for each row that is being imported, referencing the Custom Field that you wish to be used as the identifier for the client.

For example, use "Custom: My Reference Number" in "Carer ID Field" or "Client ID Field" for a custom field named "My Reference Number". In the "Client ID" or "Carer ID" column, include the value of the custom field that you wish to be used for matching.

Client ID Field Client ID Client First Name Client Last Name ...
Custom: My Reference Number ABC123 blank blank  

Please note, that custom fields do prevent duplicate values from being associated with more than one carer or client. The import tool will choose the carer or client that first had the value assigned.

Custom Fields

If you have chosen to add Custom Fields for carer or client records, you can import them using the standard Carer & Client import templates. Please note you will need to add the Custom Field Definitions before importing, otherwise the import will fail.

The columns for custom fields are not included in the default import templates, and you will need to add them yourself.

  1. Add a new column to the end of the headings in the import template. Order doesn't matter
  2. The column name must be prefixed with Custom:, followed by the name of the field. 
    • For example, if you have a field named "Allergic to dogs", the column heading should be "Custom: Allergic to dogs"
    • Note that the field name must exactly match the name within CareLineLive.

Generated reference numbers can also be imported using this process, however you should ensure that imported numbers do not clash with numbers already in the system.


Column Validation

Most fields on the import template do not have character limits, the following fields are the only ones which do:

  • Title (6 chars)
  • First name (255 chars)
  • Last name (255 chars)
  • Email addresses (255 chars)
  • Phone numbers (255 chars)
  • Address Fields (255 chars)
  • Payroll number (255 chars)
  • Leave reason (255 chars)